FF Special Project

Author: Nuri “Bumsso”



Author: Risqinsw™

Shampoo Love


Author: Vanessa Putri

Bummie Hanya Milik Eunnie


Author: Dae

Ring Ding D♥ng, My Heart Is Ringing and Wished Upon A Star


Author: Chandra Syifa W

Bad Girl


Author: Dini Ramadhani

My Ex Classmates


Author: Retno Myaniezasia

Purple Rose In Valentine Day


Author: Citra Anisa Aprilia

Be My Valentine


Author: Eun Reyy

Kim So Eun


Author: puchaaby

Memories My Valentine


Author: Sasqia Maulidta ‘Aya’

I’ll Be Your Husband


Author: Mii-kun

Baby, You Make Me Crazy


Author: Sri Swandewi (Kim Ki Mi)

When Cupid Found Loves


Author: Afifa Tuter

Secret Gift Giver on Valentine’s Day


Author: Widie Fransisca

It’s Chocolate Flavour

6 responses to “FF Special Project”

  1. rosiyani 'oci' says :

    ini yang baru satu ff spesial projectnya ???? hhe..
    aku nunggu lagi ni , pgn cepet baca.. maklum cuma bisa baca aja ga bs ngebuat.. hhe 🙂

  2. FannY says :

    FF Special Projeck itu maksud nya apaan ?

  3. Shah (SH) says :

    sangat……hebat sekali!

  4. YöôñFäñyღ says :

    wow :0

  5. Anggie says :

    Wah keren !

  6. sowie says :

    suka banget m ff bumsso

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